Chamarel is a small village located in the district of Black River, in Mauritius. A place where tourists can see a dune with 7 different colors. Also known as the 'Seven Colored Earth'.

Chamarel may not be one of the places that you would have planned on visiting in the first place, but the tour guides always recommend you to not miss this place. This gorgeous city is a perfect destination to have a blast amongst the nature.

This lively district surely knows how to make up for the road trips between the pineapple plantations, tropical jungle and daring curves. Start planning your day to witness what it’s like being here in Chamarel. Here are a few more reasons why you should visit Chamarel.

Rhumerie De Chamarel

Head to the western part of Mauritius in a fertile valley and witness the authentic process of making of rum. Take a lasting tour that will guide you about the rum making process where you can also see a fine range of rum. From selecting the ideal sugarcane to infusing unique aromas, every step is done.

Curious Corner of Chamarel

The Curious Corner of Chamarel is located just adjacent to the seven iconic colored earths that is a place one shouldn’t miss at any cost. The curious corner is a house of illusion that will leave you astonished. Once you enter here you will be lost in the mind bending activities, the maze and the brain teasing puzzles. You can also find a corner café in the garden which itself is a whole illusion.

Chamarel Parc Adventure

If you love adventures and activities, you are going to love visiting this place. The Chamarel Parc is one of the main highlights of this small village in Mauritius. Here you can find zip lines, climbing nets and beautiful plank bridges. It is indeed one of the best places for team building activities.

Chamarel Coloured Earth

The Chamarel Colored Earth is the main highlight of the city that will blow your mind away on your first glimpse. The Chamarel plains have the seven colored earth that is a unique kind of sand you may ever witness. The multi colored sand dunes consists of red, purple, violet, brown, green, blue and yellow. The best part is that when you pick a handful of the sand and mix it, it will come out separately in multi colors.

Eco Museum

If you are into history, you need to check out the Eco Museum. The Eco Museum is a beautiful place where there is a wide range of history to view. On display, you can find timber crafts, artisan tools, ecological heritage items and a lot more. Once you have taken the tour of the museum, you can visit the Varangue sur Morne restaurant where the local cuisine will make your whole experience in to a pleasant one.

Chamarel may be small in size but it surely knows how to get attention of many by the various attractions it offers. Whether it is the natural beauty or man-made attractions, there’s something in here for everyone.