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Botswana Safari

We invite you to come travel Botswana with professional tours and safaris operators
Botswana is rather unique and stunning country. It has different landscapes and a host of natural marvels. It plays host to deserts, pans and deltas. It is also home to a wonderful array of wildlife in the southern part of Africa. When exploring the country, you could visit national parks, go for desert drives into the Kalahari Desert. You could also explore and camp in wilderness of the Okavango Delta.

The country has dedicated a considerable amount of resources to protect the national parks in the country. The government only allows a small number of lodges, camps and campsites to be built. This was done to protect and conserve the natural environment. Although it’s a positive measure, it does mean that a considerable amount of valuable space is not being used that would have earned the country funds from tourism. The following is a detailed breakdown of the destinations and attractions that you should explore when you visit Botswana.

The Desert
The country is at the geographical center of the Kalahari Desert. Most of Botswana is covered by desert sands. Kalahari is not considered as a true desert as parts of it is vegetated and hosts wildlife.

Okavango Delta
The Okavango Delta is unique because it offers great scenery and plays host to wildlife during the rainy season. The delta also swallows the waters of Okavango River which provide nourishment for wildlife. Try not to miss a safari on a boat.

Great rivers
An underrated aspect of Botswana is the presence of rivers. These rivers attract a wide array of wildlife in what is considered a desert country. Some of these rivers interconnect while others simply drain out to the sands of the Kalahari Desert.

Salt pans
A large part of Botswana was once part of a massive inland lake. This lead to the formation of geographical marvels such as the Makgadikgadi. This is the largest salt pan in the world. To experience all that Botswana has to offer be sure to check out all the amazing deals that Botswana tours and safaris operators have to offer. What are you waiting for?